We will be drafting a new Magic the Gathering set this Friday for Friday Night Magic (FNM) to launch and celebrate Core 2019 Release Weekend! We once again will have the best prices around Rochester, NY for sealed product as shown below!

MTG Core 2019

  • Booster Box – $99.99 + sales tax
  • Bundle – $34.99 + sales tax
  • Booster Pack – $3.99 + sales tax
  • Singles – Marked at TCG Low pricing!
















Stop on down and pick-up your MTG 2019 sealed product and singles when we open at 12PM Friday! If you’d like to draft we will fire any pods if enough people are interested as well as the following scheduled draft times:

Friday Night Magic Core 2019 Booster Draft: Friday, July 13th at 6:30PM

Core 2019 Release Weekend Booster Drafts:

  • Saturday, July 14th at 12:00PM
  • Sunday, July 15th at 12:00PM

*Release Weekend you will land this sweet promo of Desecrated Tomb:









We also will be firing off a Core 2019 Prerelease Sunday, July 15th at 12:00PM. You will receive a Prerelease kit to make a 40 card deck from and than play 4 rounds. Each win will award you a Core 2019 booster pack!