Most of you that have visited our store recently have seen many upgrades happening. One of the exciting changes is that we have a dedicated bar height table to display demo games which we will change up frequently to show off a new game we have available to play in store as well as purchase a copy of your own! Our staff will know how to play the game as well as can show you a video on the TV directly above the table. Later this year we will have a dedicated iPad at the demo table that will have the app Dized (Available end of 2018) which will give you an interactive video walkthrough of how to play a game. This app will be groundbreaking to how to learn a new game quickly. There will be every way possible that you as a customer will like to learn how to play games available. We are very excited to help you find the right game to play and take home. We will have a dedicated area for our demo game collection so you can stop in anytime and try a game out with your friends and family!