We now have extra large cases for miniatures as well as different types of foam to customize your solution all from Piratelabs. Their product is outstanding and we liked it so much we became an authorized dealer! So for all the miniatures whether Wizk!ds selection for Dungeons & Dragons or Warhammer you may never have to leave home without all of your miniatures! Come stop by Enlightening Minds Gaming today to get all of your miniature storage and foam needs today!

Extra Large Case (Without Foam) $119.99 + sales tax

Foam Trays: $4.99 to $14.99 + sales tax each depending on Half-Size/Full-Size, Tray Style, and Depth of Foam

Check out the product images below:

Piratelab Extra Large CasePirateLab Extra Large Case with foam layoutPiratelab miniatures trays Snip Foam examples