Here at Enlightening Minds Gaming (EMG) we pride ourselves on providing leagues that offer a  fun competitive environment as well as casual for those just learning to play. Whether you’re looking to play casually or weekly we have the event for you!  There are no additional costs to participating in the leagues than an event itself.  Details of each format, league rules, and standings are below!  As always we look forward to seeing you at EMG!


Available Leagues


Magic the Gathering Modern League | League Rules


Entry Fee: $10.00
Season Start: Wednesday, December 13th 2017
Season Ends: Wednesday, February  28th 2018
Top 8 Tournie Date: Wednesday, March 7th at 6:30PM

Season Length: 12 Weeks

Bye Weeks:  4

League Standings


EMG MTG Weekly Modern League - Winter 2018