Wizards of the Coast is releasing Ultimate Masters on Friday, December 7th. They’re claiming this will be the last master set printed. They are also including one sealed Ultimate Box Topper in each booster box. It includes an extended art foil version of cards in the set that will be highly sought after. Booster packs will be $11.99 + sales tax and Booster Boxes will be $289.99 + sales tax. We understand this set will not be for everyone, but those interested you will want to grab a your supplies now as we have very limited number and once they’re gone there is no re-order.  You can pick-up in store or on our website! Drafts will be at following times this weekend: Friday – 7:00PM Saturday – 12:30PM Sunday: 12:30PM As we get 8 we will fire off a draft pod.  We will reveal the box topper and it will be put aside – until end of the event.  Once all rounds complete we will provide an 8 sided die and based upon when you sign up will indicate what number you have for a 1 in 8 chance to win the box topper.  Guilds of Ravnica pack wins will be prize support as well as chance to win store credit.  All drafts for Ultimate Masters will be $45.00.