Win sealed booster box of Rivals of Ixalan of when we have the participation of 8 or more players!

Entry Fee: $20.00
Event Type: Standard
Sign-up: 12:00PM
Start: 12:30 PM
Rounds: TBD on participation
Description: This is a Win-A-Box Standard Tournament as long as we have 8 players or more. Based on participation this event will cut to a Top 8 Tournament.

Prize Support: If 8 Players or more: 1st place Wins-A-Box of Rivals of Ixalan Booster box and choice of any play mat for sale in the store. 2nd place gets 1/2 a box. Lots more packs for each player who enters above 8. Also if we reach 16 players, 2nd place will get their choice of play mat as well. 6 Booster Packs added to prize support per player!