(585) 441-9643
2861 Dewey Ave, Rochester, NY 14616

Video Gaming / VR

PRICING |  $4/hour, $10/4 hours, $15/whole day

At EMG, not only do we buy, sell, and trade video games, but we also offer opportunities for you to play in person.

We have 15 gaming stations including Xbox Ones, PS4s, Wii Us, and more, which you can use when you stop in to shop or when you attend our lock-ins and other events. We also offer one virtual reality machine (the Oculus Rift); read more about them here.

So, come to EMG because you want to get a new game to play at home, or connect with other gamers live while here! (And don’t forget that we are unique in that we also offer card and board games; click here to learn more about that!)

Virtual Reality

Explore the future of gaming through our virtual reality machine —the Oculus Rift! A visit to EMG puts you in direct contact with some of the latest technology the industry has to offer as you step into an immersive world of gaming, videos, and other experiences without leaving Rochester! Now you can say you know how to play, without having to pay full price to experience this leading-edge technology. (And don’t worry, while you’re here you can also browse our selection of card, board, and video games, if you’re looking for updates to your MTG deck or at-home game collection.)

Oculus Rift Grande


At EMG, we offer frequent opportunities for gamers to compete in person through a wide variety of video, card, and board game tournaments. Whether you’re looking for Magic: The Gathering (MTG) competitions (we host them every day) or the chance to play others in head-to-head live video gaming matches, we are the place to be. Just check out our calendar, follow our Facebook page, or give us a call to find out about all our upcoming events! And, if there’s a tournament you’d like to see organized that is not on our calendar, let us know – we are all about offering what the gaming community is looking for